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We focus on B2B business development in Japan and Singapore.

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Japanese seafood sales channels expansion event 2019 Jan
B2B Business forum in Tokyo organized by Vintage Management Co Ltd 2020 Feb

[Company Information]


Address1-5-6 Risona Kudan Building 5F, Kudanminami, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan 1020074
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Managing DirectorAKIRA YASUDA
AddressLevel 39, Marina Bay Financial Centre, 10 Marina Blvd, tower 2, Singapore 018983
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Profile of CEO


After working for one of Japan’s largest IT companies and an educational venture company, he moved to Singapore in 2015 and founded Vintage Management Co Ltd in order to “increase the number of Japan fans around the world”.
He currently lives in Singapore with his wife and two children and runs a trading business in Singapore and Japan, supporting Japanese companies to develop sales in Singapore.
We have been entrusted by local governments (Sapporo City, Kesennuma City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, etc.) with the task of developing overseas sales channels for regional development.
He has strong business partners in Japan and is also focused on importing great international services and products into Japan, and has helped Italy’s Tonino Lamborghini Energy Drink to develop its market in Japan.
In addition to overseas training for Japanese managers, we also work with universities across the country to train future global players by sending students to study abroad, arranging overseas interns, and giving lectures at universities.
He has given many lectures in Japan, including “100 Case Studies of Failure to Expand Overseas,” “Strategies for Small and Medium-Sized Companies that Can’t Find Sales Channels Even if They Attend Overseas Exhibitions,” and “Going Overseas as a Japanese.

SME Advisor in Japan

Name card of “SME SUPPORT JAPAN”

The Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), as the core implementing agency of Japan’s SME policy, provides a wide range of support services tailored to the growth stage of a company, from the start-up and establishment stage to the growth and maturity stages. We support the growth of small and medium-sized businesses by collaborating with local governments, support agencies, and other government agencies in Japan and abroad.

Results of our work

SubjectTarget countriesTechnology
 Service type
OrdererResponsible businessEngaged in the period
 (Months from the month and year)
① overseas business and market development (January 2020 update)
Domestic market development of thermal barrier coatingsJapanSales channel developmentTokyo StudioImplementing the B2B market cultivation in Japan11 May 2019 -
Overseas market development of thermal barrier coatingsSingapore
Sales channel developmentTokyo StudioImplementing the B2B market cultivation in the target countries11 May 2019 -
Domestic sales channel development of cosmeticsJapanSales channel developmentFukuoka Prefecture StudioImplementing the B2B market cultivation in JapanAugust 2019 -
Domestic market cultivation of Japanese sakeJapanSales channel developmentYamaguchi Prefecture StudioImplementing the B2B market cultivation in JapanApril 2019 -
Management of Japanese schoolIndonesiaSchool managementIndonesia language school managementParticipation in school management in the target countries.1 month than in December 2018
Exhibitors to the 2018 fiscal year the Emperor birthday receptionSingaporeOverseas exhibitions supportIn Singapore Embassy of JapanProviding a processed marine products to the guest's Kesennuma.1 month than in December 2018
Beauty charity event organizers at the Loving Heart MSCSingaporeOverseas event organizersSaitama Beauty SalonSupport of sponsored events in the target countries.1 month than in December 2018
Singapore visit trustee of Sapporo IT companiesSingaporeLocal government supportJETRO HokkaidoSet of business meeting of the latest AI of the target countries, and visits related to IoT technology and participating companies2 months from November 2018
Singapore promotion trustee of Yamaguchi Prefecture Chamber of LaborSingaporeLocal government supportYamaguchi Prefecture Chamber of LaborImplementation of the business meetings arranged and pre-post follow-up of the target countries and the purchaser2 months from November 2018
Training organized by the Kyoto Women's UniversitySingaporeSchool SupportUniversitySupport of the inspection trip to the target country1 month from November 2018
Sales channel development of chemical detergent manufacturersSingapore
Overseas market research / overseas market developmentYamaguchi of detergent manufacturersFull support market research in order to realize the market development of products of the purchaser, branding, marketing, etc. to the target countries.3 months from 10 May 2018
Market cultivation of natural materials detergent manufacturerSingapore
Overseas market research / overseas market developmentYamaguchi of detergent manufacturersFull support market research in order to realize the market development of products of the purchaser, branding, marketing, etc. to the target countries.3 months from 10 May 2018
New product development of the Beauty StudioVietnam
Basic SurveyTokyo cosmetics manufacturerResponsible for the country, whether of the investigation if there is a beauty liquid market, which was developed in Japan, the strategic planning of cross-border EC and salon expansion.10 months from 10 May 2018
Technology transfer of the beauty salonSingaporeOverseas market research / overseas market developmentSaitama Beauty SalonTo target countries tell the hair and makeup techniques of Japan, the implementation of the master plan development and execution of contributing business to the improvement of the make-up technology to the local's.4 months from September 2018
Sales channel development of the local beerSingaporeOverseas market research / overseas market developmentSaitama Prefecture of beer manufacturersSupport the market cultivation in the target countries.5 months from August 2018
Participation in MEDICAL MANUFACTURING ASIA 2018SingaporeOverseas exhibitions supportTokyo of magnetic therapy equipment manufacturersSupport the exhibitions in the target countries.1 month than in August 2018
Market research and market development of POS analysis serviceSingaporeOverseas market research / overseas market developmentTokyo of ICT companiesAnd the investigation of the usage of big data in the target countries, the market development of POS data utilization service of the order's implementation8 months from April 2018
Technology transfer of Driving SchoolVietnam
Overseas market research / overseas market developmentSaitama Driving SchoolsTeach driving school technology of Japan to target countries, carried out the execution with the master plan of contributing business to improve the driving skills of the local.8 months from April 2018
Market cultivation of seafood processing unionSingaporeOverseas market research / overseas market developmentFish processing union of MiyagiFull support market research in order to realize the market development of products of the purchaser, branding, marketing, etc. to the target countries.10 months from March 2018
Market cultivation of rice wine sangriaSingapore
Overseas market research / overseas market developmentKanagawa of beverage manufacturersFull support market research in order to realize the market development of products of the purchaser, branding, marketing, etc. to the target countries.10 months from January 2018
Sales channel development of the jewelry manufacturersSingaporeOverseas market research / overseas market developmentTriple jewelry manufacturersSupport the market cultivation in the target countries.6 months from May 2017 1 year
Management of therapy equipment salon and sales channel development of magnetic therapy equipment manufacturersSingaporeOverseas market research / overseas market developmentTokyo of magnetic therapy equipment manufacturersSupport the development of magnet therapy salon in the target countries.8 months from March 2017 1 year
JSIP 2017, opening assistance to 2018SingaporeOverseas exhibitions supportTokyo of magnetic therapy equipment manufacturersSupport the exhibitions in the target countries.12 months from 10 May 2017
Japan market sales channel development of the beverage manufacturersItalyOverseas market research / overseas market developmentItalian beverage manufacturersSupport the Japanese market by the Italian beverage manufacturers. Support to the recommendation to contract the settings and distributors candidate of the exclusive right to sell the Japanese market.10 months from 10 May 2017
Training sponsored by Oki high schoolSingaporeSchool Supporthigh schoolSupport of the inspection trip to the target country24 months from July 2015
② lecturer activities (January 2020 update)
What are the things that the Japanese are required to be successful in overseas businessJapanLectureKai Institute connoisseurAt Global Kokorozashi keynote Business Forum 2020, spoke about what is required for Japanese to succeed in overseas businessJanuary 25, 2020
Why Japanese are loved by the world about this?JapanLectureAkita Municipal Sotoasahikawa Elementary School"What has been loved by Japanese people how much?" As an external lecturer of part of the career education and, lecture on "meaning that work hard so hard."2019 December 13,
Illustration 2019 of local governments overseas development assistance that can always fail do it this streetJapanLectureJ.CLAIR SINGAPOREIt explains the overseas support failure case of local governmentJune 7, 2019
Overseas failure case 100 knockJapanLecture100 years management entrepreneur club18th management forumFebruary 20, 2019
Singapore latest trendsJapanLectureHokkaido IT Promotion AssociationIt explains the Singapore IT policy of 2018November 23, 2018
2018 fiscal Chamber of Commerce Federation of overseas market development support personnel training sessions "overseas development assistance of illustration."JapanLectureChamber of Commerce and Industry FederationIntroduces the failures that prone the Japanese small and medium-sized enterprisesSeptember 27, 2018
Vietnam · ASEAN food export seminarJapanLectureAomori Prefecture · JETRO AomoriIntroduce the current situation of ASEAN expansion of Japanese companiesSeptember 11, 2018
Singapore advance failure case of 2017 and CountermeasuresJapanLectureMyanmar Japan Seda TokyoIntroduction actually happened overseas failure case in 2017 and its measuresFebruary 23, 2018
Why there is a need to use 5% of sales in the development of overseas markets nowJapanLectureChiyoda-ku, Corporate Ethics BoardIntroduced when and how to consider the overseas expansionFebruary 22, 2018
One-stop Southeast Asia export business briefingJapanLectureAsian Foundation ConsortiumIntroduction of the successes and failures of how to ASEAN exports to Japan of foodFebruary 21, 2018
Failures 100 knock for not fail to overseasJapanLectureNational Institute of small and medium-sized enterprises infrastructure development mechanismIntroduce overseas failure case of Japanese companies that have accumulated in ourFebruary 8, 2018
Wear a global senseJapanLectureKyoto Women's UniversityLecture, "How and the importance of wearing a global sense" to college studentsNovember 10, 2017
Singapore latest MarketJapanLectureJapan Asia Business AssociationIntroduce the latest of the Singapore market of 2017September 7, 2017
③ books and research papers, etc. (April 2020 update)
An alternative management regime of selection cutting for sustaining stand structure of mixed forests of northern Japan: a simulation studyJapanthe studyJournal of Forest Resreach (2013) 18: 398-406Proposal of Hokkaido of forest management based on the forest dynamics model using IT system2010-03-01 00:00:00
Challenge to the world as JapaneseJapanBusiness booksCanary CommunicationsFor Japan's strengths and weaknesses I notice emigrated to Singapore2019-01-01 00:00:00
Foreign employment Qualified Person official textJapanQualification certificatePal PublisherText to study to qualify for the small and medium-sized companies that employment foreigners2019-05-10 00:00:00


[The essences of overseas business as a Japanese] Jan 2019
1.The first step to expanding overseas is to learn about the history of Japan.
2.Recognize the strengths of the Japanese in overseas business meetings
3. Compete with services that can only be produced in Japan

[Empolyment License for Foreign Workers in Japan] Oct 2019
In Japan, where it has become increasingly difficult to secure human resources, securing foreign nationals has become an important issue.
However, the majority of HR personnel and companies do not know about employment procedures and social insurance procedures for foreign nationals.
The aim of this book is to produce foreign employment managers who can correctly employ foreign nationals.


[Our Partners & Advisors]

Akihiro Matsuda

[Brief History]
Osaka University, Bachelor of Law (1983)
University of California, Berkeley Extension, Diploma in Marketing (1999)
Joined Fuji Bank (now Mizuho Bank, Ltd.)
Board of Directors & General Manager of Global Business Division, Credit Saison Co.
Credit Saison Co.
Managing Director, Credit Saison Asia Pacific Pte Ltd(SG)
Director of Matchmove Pay Pte Ltd (SG)
Director of Kisetsu Saison Finance(IN)
Advisor of Credit Saison Co. Ltd
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Saison Business Consulting (Shanghai) Co. <Present Post>
MC Chairman of HD Saison Finance (VN) <Present Post>
Auditor of JK Holdings CO. Ltd
To the present

[Becoming an advisor of Vintage Management ]

I met Mr. Yasuda in an event of a running community in Singapore when I was there for my previous job. We had no contact before that, anyway he sat next to me in the after run party. That’s our first encounter, however, we have almost lost the connection except for the communication on Facebook. And what connect us again was his publication of the book “Challenging the world as a Japanese”. When I saw it on the FB, I was so interested in the core essence of the book, “to make Japan more energetic” that I read it immediately. And I was so inspired by the book then started to think that I would like to involve the project with him in my next life stage. When I retired from my previous job, I met him again and talked about it. At that time, he was working on a project in Singapore, for which I could help by introducing my connection in Singapore. Something new was happening, and our new chapter had begun. It must be the law of attraction. Although I am an advisor of his company, I would like to contribute to his dream by my business experience and human network.



[[Brief History]]
Mr Raymond Kwok, 69, is the Chairman and MD of Kwok Group LLP, an investment and consulting company involving in trading, education, human resources, and other activities. He is currently involved in more than 18 businesses as investors, advisors and mentors, plus business development as well as sales and marketing. He was the Independent Non-Executive Director of HSBC Insurance (Assets SGD6B) and the Strategic Business Partner of Green Well Science. Executive Advisor for Campbell Alliance the consulting arm of the inVentiv Health Group (with 14,000 colleagues over 40 countries), the Senior Advisor for Asia of Systematica on Bike Tower, the Business Advisor for CACANi Private limited, the Senior Advisor APAC for zeb/, a member of the Asia Advisory Board of FLAG Capital (AUM US$5b) , Member of P/E Investments (AUM US$3.8b), and also the Director of Business Development at VSee as well as the Chief Representative Agent of Oxford Economics for Singapore and South East Asia Representative for Lexis-Nexis. He is the Business Advisor to DFW Creative host to the Digital Fashion Week, as well as Business Advisor to SEC Consult one of the largest cyber security firm from Europe (with 150 staff over 12 offices worldwide), and also the Business Development Partner to LASVIT. He is the Advisor to Dr Grace Kong Organization, Prudential and also an Advisor to Brian Tracy International (S), as well as a Business Advisor to QLIPP.

He was Managing Director of UOB Life Assurance Limited, a fully-owned subsidiary of United Overseas Bank Group and was with the Company since 18 August 1990.  Mr Kwok was responsible for pioneering the growth of the UOB Group’s life assurance arm which had assets of S$2.48 billion as at 30 June 2005.  In 2003, UOB Life Assurance achieved an accolade awarded by the Singapore 1000 2002/2003 Awards for attaining the Highest Revenue Growth in the Finance Industry.   Prior to joining the UOB Group, Mr Kwok was working in various management positions with Prudential Assurance PLC for twelve years, and was posted to its offices in United Kingdom, Malaysia and Singapore.

Mr Kwok graduated from Imperial College, London, with honours in Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) and is also an associate of the Institute of Actuaries, UK.  He was the President of the Imperial College Alumni Association of Singapore (ICAAS) from 1996 to 2001 and is still an active member of the Alumni.  Mr Kwok is also a Fellow of the LIMRA Leadership Institute.

Mr Kwok was elected President of Life Insurance Association (LIA) from March 2003 to March 2005.  LIA had two very busy and active years during his term.  The Association played an important role in assisting the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in the development of the risk-based capital standards and the framework was successfully implemented in August 2004.  LIA also strengthened its role in setting best practices standards for life insurers by issuing initiatives pertaining to key areas of market conduct which improved the sales and advisory processes significantly.  Improved communication with the media also heightened the presence and important roles of the life insurance industry in the financial services sector, especially in educating the public.  Mr Kwok was also concurrently a member of the Board of Governor of the Singapore College of Insurance, the premier education arm of the Singapore insurance industry, until his LIA Presidency term expired.

On 1 February 2003, Mr Kwok was appointed a Director of the Insurance Dispute Resolutions Organisation (IDRO), an independent channel for resolving insurance disputes between insured and insurers.  On 8 April 2005, Mr Kwok was also appointed a Director of the Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre Limited. He was the Chairman of the Taxpayer Feedback Panel under the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), leading both the English and Mandarin feedback panels and was also a Member of Committee Against (GST) Profiteering. From 2007 to 2009, He was the Managing Director of Huang Jia and Huang Ting two fine dining Chinese restaurants as well as Rosti a casual dining western restaurant. In 2009 he was an Associate Director of Metropolitan Broking Services Pte Ltd a local insurance broking company, and in 2010 a Director of Corporate Insurance of Phillip Securities Pte Ltd a well established security house with world-wide presence.

A firm believer of lifelong learning, Mr Kwok was the Vice Chairman of the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) Governing Council from 2005 to 2009 and was a Council member from 2003 to 2011, contributing recommendations and advice to continually enhance SIM’s status as being one of the premier educational providers of Singapore. He was the first Chairman of SIM Investment Committee from 2009 to 2011.  He was a Board member of Spirit of Enterprise (SOE) as well as a member of the Board of Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital.                                                                                                                                    

[Becoming an advisor of Vintage Management ]

Nice to meet you here. I wish to mention some of my thinking about how we can help Japan SME to expand globally.

My understanding of the Japan SMEs is that you have tremendous innovative products and services, but what you really need is a platform for you to be able to showcase your product and services to the world.

I have the connections and networks to help the Japan SME to expand initially from Singapore as a regional HQs to create successful real business to generate revenue as a test case. Then we can expand regionally in Asian including China, Korea and Russia, then to the USA and Europe through out the world. That is where myself and working together with Vintage management services will be able to help Japanese SMEs to expand their market globally.


[Brief History]
Managing Director, Ingrid Group of Companies since 1999 with Singapore as HQ and branch companies in Chengdu, China and Hanoi, Vietnam.

Ingrid’s founder, Mr. Tan Chye Kin holds an MBA from UK and has more than eighteen years of experience in management consultancy. He assisted Singapore companies on Total Business Planning projects which were supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and Productivity and Standards Board (PSB Singapore). Some of the companies were subsequently listed in the Stock Exchange of Singapore. He also has many years of experience assisting companies in their regional expansion and brand development. Some of the companies were in water treatment, precision engineering, agriculture and hospitality education.

Prior to setting up Ingrid in 1998, Chye Kin was a Senior Consultant with an international consultancy firm recognised worldwide as the pioneer in strategy formulation and implementation methodology. The firm’s global consultancy services has offices in the US, UK, Europe, Japan, Australia and Singapore. He had also held the appointment as Director, of The CEO RoundTable, an exclusive learning and networking programme supported by the Productivity Standards Board (PSB) of Singapore for CEOs of small and medium enterprises.
Chye Kin had also conducted several training programmes and has been awarded Certificate of Commendation for Outstanding Delivery by the National Productivity Board (NPB). He has also received numerous letters of commendation and appreciation from a number of organisations including the International Confederation of Free Trade Union-Asia Pacific Regional Organisation for the leadership programme development and implementation.